batte melt pump

Automatic Continuous Screen Changer Extrusion

The automatic continuous screen changer extrusion is a type of continuous screen changer,Which is designed of double column changer cartridge-type structure to ensure product quality, increase product stability.

Continuous Rotary Screen Changer

Batte continuous rotary screen change provides continuous filtration of the polymer stream. Automatic, semi-automatic, automatic or semi-automatic changer, production, energy conservation, energy.

Extruder Pump Screen Changer

Extruder pump screen changer has large filtering area, reduce the frequency in networkcan,Which can be used with various types of imported or domestic extruders for plastics drawing (single wire, flat wire, wire nets).

Polymer Continuous Screen Changers

polymer continuous screen changers have a streamlined polymer flow path to Increased the extrusion production.

Continuous Loop Filter Screen Changer

Continuous loop filter screen changer can change the filter without interrupting normal production and without leakage of material,rupture and continuous filament.

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