Continuous Backflush Screen Changer
    This continuous backflush screen changer is a type of double column double woking piston screen changers,which are suitable for high capacity polymer filtration.
    Double Piston Continuous Screen Changer
    The double piston screen changer consists of two pistons with each containing a filter cavity. continuous screen changers can influence pressure stability.It is also be called continuous double piston screen changer.
    Continuous Hydraulic Screen Changer For Extruder
    The continuous hydraulic screen changer for extruder is a type of automatic screen changer, which allows for filtration of most all polymers without interrupting production during a screen change. So it is also be called automatic hydraulic continuous screen changer.
    Continuous Screen Changer For Extruder
    Continuous screen changer for extruder usually use as melt filtration in the extrusion pump. So it is also be called automatic melt filtration extrusion.
    Looking for slide plate continuous screen changer for plastic extrusion machine
    We are producing and exporting slide plate continuous screen changer for plastic extrusion machine.It is a type of slide plate type screen changers. It consists of main body, sliding plate, heaters unit and hydraulic unit with accumulator.
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