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Special screen changer for color changing products

The screen changer is composed of screen changer main body, slide plate, high temperature oil cylinder, heater, etc. The sealing parts are made of special alloy steel, which is specially processed by many processes such as tempering, nitriding and fine grinding, etc. It adopts special flow channel design and straight-through design, which has no dead angle and does not hide material for color change, and is an optimized product of common screen changer. It is mainly used in blow molding, pipe, masterbatch manufacturing line, etc., where the color is often changed.

screen changer for color changing products

The screen changer products provided by Zhengzhou Barth are widely used in the extrusion production process of many polymer products such as petrochemical industry, polymer blending and modification granulation, non-woven fabric, packaging material, high performance film, pipe and so on. Screen changer products include: products include: hydraulic plate screen changer, high performance hydraulic double column screen changer, hydraulic double column super large area screen changer, automatic walking belt screen changer, etc.

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