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Two problems have been solved by melt pump for PVB extruder

In the production of PVB intermediate film, melt pump is indispensable for melt transportation. General melt pump includes pump body, drive shaft, driven shaft, bearing and seal. At present, there are two troubles in the melt pump used in the PVB int

Structure of Backwash Device for Screen Changer of Extruder

The backwashing device of the net screen changer of extruder includes the main body with an axial hollow through hole, and the inlet and outlet ports connected with the hollow through hole are symmetrically arranged at the position of the radial cent

Any plastic product has a screen changer for it

Any kind of plastic products we have a suitable mesh screenchanger , each plastic product production process and raw materials are different, the requirements of the mesh changer are also different. Therefore, we carry out one-to-one targeted researc

Function of batte mesh screen changer

The screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device consisting of one or more filters, which is used to filter out foreign particles and impurities when plasticizing material flow filters. The filter is supported by an alloy porous plate, wh

What is a Melt Filter

Melt filter is an indispensable device in medium pipeline. It is usually installed at the import end of pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve, constant water level valve and other equipment of square filter. After the filter has a certain size

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