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Non stop screen changer for adhesive chemical industry

Adhesives have the characteristics of high viscosity in the production process. When selecting, we choose the screen changer with straight flow channel according to the nature of materials. The screen changer is convenient and simple, with less waste

Batte automatic continuous screen changer reduces recovery cost

The recycling of plastic raw materials, especially the materials that need to be consumed in the food and beverage packaging field such as PET, will not only benefit the ecological environment, but also produce huge economic effects. Therefore, many

Structure Analysis of Continuous Screen Changer for Twin Screw Extruder

The continuous screen changer for twin-screw extruder is mainly composed of square slider, filter screen, high pressure oil cylinder, connecting piece, die head, extruder and connecting frame. Its structural feature is that round holes are set on bot

Advantages of PP melt blown non-woven double column hydraulic screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte is a high-tech enterprise specialized in providing melt blown metering pumps and melt blown screen changers. With a number of patented technologies, it is a designated supporting unit for large domestic and foreign extruder manufactur

HDPE corrugated pipe double column screen changer

In view of the characteristics of HDPE pipe production process, such as high output, high temperature, high filtering accuracy, high viscosity, low pressure fluctuation, high stability and reliability requirements, Zhengzhou Batte provides a double c

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