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what is a no filter screen changer and what is its application?

The meshless screen changer is also called the meshless screen changer. Compared with the conventional screen changer, the meshless screen changer can realize the filtration of impurities in the melt without the need of filter screen in the working p

The choice of hydraulic screen changer for blown film?

Blown film production is generally divided into single machine and multi-layer co-extrusion production methods. The screen changer for film blowing machine provided by Zhengzhou Batte is divided into: manual screen changer for film blowing machine an

Precautions for daily operation of screen changer of polypropylene extrusion granulator

In view of the particularity of the polypropylene extrusion process, desalinated water needs to be added during the operation of the extrusion granulator to remove the activity of the catalyst. Therefore, a large amount of water vapor will be generat

Why choose cylindrical screen changer for blown film screen changer?

Non-stop screen changer for blown film On large single-layer and multi-layer co-extrusion blown film units, we use cylindrical screen changer for non-stop screen changer. On the one hand, the column-type screen changer adopts high-performance steel a

Overview of hydraulic screen changer manufacturers How to choose a special screen changer for pipes?

Pipe production is divided into PE solid wall pipe, corrugated pipe, drip irrigation belt, PPR pipe, PERT floor heating pipe, steel wire reinforced pipe, steel belt winding pipe, gas pipe, polyurethane foam insulation pipe, etc. In the following, Zhe

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