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epe foam sheet machine with screen changer

Screen changer is mainly used in the field of plasticized materials, when the plasticized materials flow filter screen to filter out foreign particles and impurities to improve the quality of products. Zhengzhou Batte screen changer manufacturer prov

extrusion backflush screen changer

In the process of plastic extrusion production, the plastic melt will produce some decomposition materials after a long time of plasticization, while the raw material itself also contains some impurities. The presence of these impurities not only aff

hydraulic screen changer for processing multiple polymers

During the polymer extrusion process, the polymer melt is plasticized and heated for a long time, resulting in residues in the plastic melt and some impurities in the raw material, which will enter the subsequent extrusion die and cause blockage of t

Special screen changer for biodegradable plastics

With the gradual promotion of plastic restriction, the market scale of biodegradable plastics has expanded dramatically, and biodegradable plastics such as PBAT and PLA have occupied an extremely important position in the market. In addition, PBAT, P

Special screen changer for color changing products

The screen changer is composed of screen changer main body, slide plate, high temperature oil cylinder, heater, etc. The sealing parts are made of special alloy steel, which is specially processed by many processes such as tempering, nitriding and fi

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