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Plastic extrusion hydraulic screen changer

Plastic extrusion hydraulic screen changer pre-filled with polymer flow and double vent design to ensure high quality products on-line. Hydraulic continuous screen changer for extruder with self cleaning in the extrusion operation.

Continuous backflush screen changer for plastic machinery

Continuous backflush screen changer for plastic machinery is based on the proven dual pistons principal, the material being processed is divided into two melt streams each with two filtration cavities to increase the number of screen reusing, reducing production cost. It is an automatic continuous self-cleaning screen changer.

Continuous Filter

Continuous Filter can be used with different standard extruder, This continuous screen changer consists of a perforated plate bearing alloy, porous plate installed on the plate or column type of carrier. The carrier may be moving to work in a system location and off-line switching between non-work position.

Self cleaning continuous screen changers

The self cleaning continuous screen changers redirects the melt flow, one piston with screens is working and the other screen pack is flushed backwards, Pressure and flow for backflushing can also be generated by hydraulic cylinders that accumulate material from the flow to use for backflushing.

Dual bolts screen changer

The hydraulic operated dual bolts screen changer can provide better melt sealing and can be continuous operated.

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