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HDPE corrugated pipe double column screen changer

In view of the characteristics of HDPE pipe production process, such as high output, high temperature, high filtering accuracy, high viscosity, low pressure fluctuation, high stability and reliability requirements, Zhengzhou Batte provides a double column and double station screen changer for HDPE pipe according to the characteristics of the above process.

continuous screen changer

Features of HDPE pipe hydraulic screen changer: the column screen changer body and plunger are made of heat treated special steel; Precise clearance control realizes excellent rigid sealing, providing excellent durability and reliability; Electric heating or heat medium channel heating is optional. When changing the network, one network will work and replace, without interrupting the material flow and product, so as to realize the network change without stopping the machine.

continuous screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte has been specialized in developing and producing screen changer equipment for nearly 20 years, understanding the characteristics of most thermoplastic materials, and has accumulated rich experience in using the equipment. It can provide better solutions according to user needs, HDPE resin characteristics, production principles, common materials, process characteristics, heating temperature, processing pressure, output, etc.  screen changer for hdpe plastic extrusion

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