Extruder Continuous Screen Changer
    The extruder continuous screen changer driven by hydraulic power, and the slide plate carries 2 pieces breaker plates can move linearly in both directions to achieve screen changing in a short time.
    Continuous Screen Changer For Sheet Production
    Continuous screen changer for sheet production can rapidly and all kinds of plastic, adhesive, coating material mixture of products form a complete set of production line, used for material blending filter is especially suitable for stretch film and plate, plate production, good effect, no waste to increase productivity and energy saving.
    Top Sale Hydraulic Screen Changer For Blown Film Machine
    The Hydraulic Screen Changer for blown film machine allows for filtration of most polymers with minimum disruption during a screen change.hydraulic screen changer enhance the quality of the melt by trapping contaminants and solids particularly of the blown film machine.
    Non-Stop Plate Screen Changer
    Non-stop plate screen changer realizes a non-stopping screen changing operation by altering two pistons with double filtering areas. During production, the polymer melt is divided into two flow channels inside the screen changer housing, then conveyed through the screen changer filters equipped with the appropriate filter medium.
    Automatic Belt Continuous Screen Changer
    Automatic belt continuous screen changer use with belt-type continuous screen,Which is a machine that filters out impurities in the polymer.Screen Changers for Polymer Melt Filtration ia an automatic screen changers.
    Extrusion continuous screen changer
    Extrusion continuous screen changer ensure a perfect filtration process without reducing the quality of the plastic melt.The Continuous Screen Changer allows for filtration of most all polymers without interrupting production during a screen change.
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