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Batte automatic continuous screen changer reduces recovery cost

The recycling of plastic raw materials, especially the materials that need to be consumed in the food and beverage packaging field such as PET, will not only benefit the ecological environment, but also produce huge economic effects. Therefore, many new technologies and processes on how to clean and recycle waste plastics have emerged, such as mechanical filtration process (filtering solid particles from the melt). In order to meet the requirements of this process and greatly reduce the cost of recovery, Barthes specially designed ZB-ACB mesh belt automatic screen changer.

continuous screen changer

This screen changer is a real automatic screen changer, which uses melt pressure or time to control the screen changer action. The distance and speed of screen movement can be freely set. When the pressure or time reaches the set value, the filter screen will automatically and evenly move, bringing impurities out of the screen changer with the filter screen. After setting, the screen changer runs completely automatically without manual operation. The mesh belt moves smoothly with small distance, and there is no fluctuation in material pressure and material flow, which truly realizes constant pressure production. The mesh belt screen changer is water-cooled and sealed, without material leakage and abrasion. The heating and cooling are automatically controlled by the control system, and the mesh is flexible. The product does not deform during the screen changing process, and the quality is stable. It has the characteristics of no waste, waste generation and low raw material consumption, and is widely used in the production of high-quality, long flow or short range products such as granulation, cast film, sheet, plate, optical fiber, and various wire drawing. It is especially suitable for the production of high-precision products with strict requirements on material pressure fluctuation.

automatic screen changer

Batte uses high precision processing equipment, modern processing technology and strict quality control to produce high-quality mesh belt screen changer. If there is any problem after purchasing our products, you can call us at any time, and we provide considerate after-sales service.

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