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Manual Control Screen Changer

Manual control screen changer series: Extruder screw can draw from the screen changer directly. Manual Screen Changers provide a cost effective filtration solution for the polymer extrusion industry. 
Manual Control Screen Changer

Manual Control Screen Changer Features:
1.High pressure activated seal 
2.Ensure leak-free operation up to 10,000 psi and 450° F.
3.can be shut down momentarily in order to make a screen change.
4.convenient to remove and clean

Manual Control Screen Changer Details:

ype Screen D&A Overall Dimension Heating Power Output
Ф(mm) cm2 D(mm) W(mm) (KW) (kg/h)
ZB-MSPG-40 Ф50 20 200 140 1.7 30-60
ZB-MSPG-50 Ф50 20 200 150 1.7 35-70
ZB-MSPG-60 Ф60 28 255 170 2.5 60-180
ZB-MSPG-70 Ф70 38 255 170 3.5 80-180
ZB-MSPG-80 Ф90 64 300 175 3 100-180
ZB-MSPG-90 Ф90 64 300 175 3 110-180
ZB-MSPG-100 Ф100 78 320 180 4.2 120-230

Manual Screen Changers can also be custom designed for specific applications and processes including higher pressures, integrated divert, and special materials.

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