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How automatic extrusion screen changer works

Automatic extrusion screen changer is truly continuous screen changer, which is mounted between the end flange of the extruder and the die.

Manual Control Screen Changer

Manual control screen changer series: Extruder screw can draw from the screen changer directly. Manual Screen Changers provide a cost effective filtration solution for the polymer extrusion industry. Manual Control Screen Changer Features: 1.High pre

Backflush Continuous Screen Changers

Backflush continuous screen changers have high precision design,abrasive resistance,outstanding performance under high pressure.

Backflush Screen Changer Control System

Backflush screen changer control system provide major advantages with their fully automatic cleaning of the screens as soon as a defined maximum pressure is met.The backflush control system automatically detects a rise in pressure as the screens become blocked by dirt particles.

Large capacity continuous screen changers

Large capacity continuous screen changers are designed to double column changer cartridge-type structure can be fully ruled out gas, to ensure product quality, increase product stability.

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