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Screen changer is mainly used in the field of plasticized materials, when the plasticized materials flow filter screen to filter out foreign particles and impurities to improve the quality of products. Zhengzhou Batte screen changer manufacturer provides screen changer equipment including: automatic screen changer, screen changer for degraded materials, screen changer for cross-linked pipes, screen changer for foamed products and other special screen changers.

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Foam products production line application screen changer (also called screen changer filter) mainly reflects four advantages, but also the value of the existence of the screen changer.

1、Filter out the impurities in the raw materials and improve the quality of the products.

2、Adding screen changer to increase the back pressure of the machine head greatly improves the plasticizing and homogenizing effect of raw materials, the product texture is more uniform, better finish, and the pressure resistance value of the products will be improved. This is also the reason for adding screen changer for new raw materials without impurities.

3、After adding screen changer, the rheological behavior of the material is changed from rotating flow to straight flow, avoiding the appearance of "winding pattern" of the products. The porous plate and screen also have the function of "damping", so that the flow rate of the whole melt section is as consistent as possible, avoiding the phenomenon of "polymer orientation" and laminar flow, which will increase the longitudinal strength of the product and decrease the transverse strength, thus affecting the quality of the product, because the flow rate of the melt The flow rate of the ring wall is very different from the flow rate in the middle.

4, the addition of screen changer to increase the back pressure of the head, is conducive to the exclusion of water vapor and volatiles in the raw materials, to improve the product qualification rate.

continuous screen changer for foaming machine

Batte screen changer for XPS foam tandem extruder, relates to the field of machinery, including a die head, the front end of said die head is provided with a front die plate, a rear die plate and a screen changer, the utility model by adding a screen changer in the die head section, to achieve a double layer of filtration, the impurities in the raw material can be effectively filtered, the residual amount is small, to ensure production progress, reduce waste, in addition, by optimizing the structure design of the screen changer. In addition, by optimizing the structure design of the screen changer, it is easy to replace the screen body, when there is a blockage, just drive the screen body out by the cylinder, and then replace the screen body, the screen changing process is simple and efficient.

automatic screen changer filter belt for plastic extruder machine suppliers

According to the filtration of different materials to choose a special screen changer equipment, to help increase the filtration efficiency and improve production capacity; Zhengzhou Batte screen changer manufacturer is currently a well-known domestic screen changer filter manufacturing enterprises, has a professional technical team and advanced processing equipment, to meet the production needs of high-end users.


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