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Special screen changer for biodegradable plastics

With the gradual promotion of plastic restriction, the market scale of biodegradable plastics has expanded dramatically, and biodegradable plastics such as PBAT and PLA have occupied an extremely important position in the market. In addition, PBAT, PLA and other biodegradable plastics have high requirements for melt filtration equipment in polymerization, blending modification and product production. Zhengzhou Batte gives full play to its many years of successful experience in providing melt filters and screen changers for the polyester industry, and has launched a variety of melt filters and screen changers for biodegradable plastics to help improve the production capacity of biodegradable plastics!

hydraulic screen changer for biodegradable

PVC, PVDC, PVDF and other vinyl plastics have harsh requirements for screen changers because they contain free state strong oxidizing ions, such as: corrosion resistance, constant temperature, fast, easy to clean, etc., high density, poor liquidity and high melt pressure. Its corrosiveness brings damage to the host, mold and the whole screen changer. Combined with the high sensitivity of polyformaldehyde and PVC to temperature, this type of screen changer has high technical requirements for the equipment.

double pillar screen changer

Batte screen changer equipment consists of screen changer main body, slide plate, high temperature oil cylinder, heater, etc. The sealing parts are made of special alloy steel, processed by multiple processes, with special flow channel design, straight through design, no dead angle, no hidden material, which is a new product in screen changer industry. It is mainly applied to plant starch-based degraded plastics, polyformaldehyde, PVC and other unstable plastics.

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