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Backflush Screen Changer Control System
Backflush screen changer control system provide major advantages with their fully automatic cleaning of the screens as soon as a defined maximum pressure is met.The backflush control system automatically detects a rise in pressure as the screens become blocked by dirt particles.
Backflush Screen Changer Control System
Backflush Screen Changer Control System Applications:
1.all thermoplastic materials can be processed optimal design of the melt flow way - 2.low pressure build up - to prevent thermal variations of the melt dead spots for fast changes of material or color approx. 
4.operational reliability and long durability
Backflush Screen Changer Applications Advatnges:
1.Low operating costs through the use of low-cost filter media.
2.During screen change 75% of filtration area remains in production.
3.Faster and safer screen change compared to filter pots.
4.Easy handling during a screen change since there is no need to use a hoist or lifting device.

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