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Advantages of PP melt blown non-woven double column hydraulic screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte is a high-tech enterprise specialized in providing melt blown metering pumps and melt blown screen changers. With a number of patented technologies, it is a designated supporting unit for large domestic and foreign extruder manufacturers. For the production of melt blown non-woven fabric, the melt blown double column hydraulic screen changer is an indispensable part. Zhengzhou Batte specifically outlines the advantages of the melt blown double column hydraulic screen changer and what problems it solves in the production process of melt blown fabrics.

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In the melt blown nonwoven production line, the fiber breaking and bubbles are easy to occur during the process of melt blown nonwoven fiber forming, resulting in product quality defects; Melt pressure fluctuation is easy to cause flow cutoff or shutdown; When the output of the melt blown non-woven fabric production line is high, the melt blown screen changer is easy to stop before, leading to production interruption and serious losses. The special screen changer for melt blown non-woven fabric provided by Zhengzhou Bart can solve the above problems, and its advantages are as follows:

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Zhengzhou Batte provides melt blown double column hydraulic screen changer, which has been supporting the main non-woven equipment for many years, with mature technology and stable quality; Integrated design is adopted for melt blown screen change filter to optimize equipment space and energy consumption; It can realize the operation of changing the network without stopping the machine; The main body of the melt blown screen changer is made of special alloy materials through strict forging, surface heat treatment and precise metal processing; In addition, high-quality heat treatment process and strict quality control system are adopted to ensure the stability and durability of the product; Compared with the previous screen changing filter, the special screen changer for melt blowing optimizes the structure design, realizes the function of material drawing and exhaust, and completely eliminates the fluctuation of melt pressure and temperature during screen changing. If you are interested in the performance or price of melt blown non-woven fabric screen changer, please consult immediately.

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