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Manual screen changer for plastics extrusion industry

Manual screen changer for plastics extrusion industry is a low-cost filter solution. We can afford the special design and manufacture manual screen changers according to the customer demand. Manual screen changer of higher pressures or special materials used can also be integrated manufacturing and discharge valve.
Manual screen changer for plastics extrusion industry
Manual Screen Changer For Plastics Extrusion Features:
Compact structure, occupy less space
Easy operation, small failure rate
Standard design is bolted through holes
Integrated flange adapter can be connected
Removing changer may pull out of the extruder screw
Material does not leak pressures up to 30MP
Operating temperature up to 280 ° C
Manual screen changer Applications:
For a variety of high-viscosity melt extrusion lines. 
Laboratory extrusion
Food Extrusion
Chemicals Extrusion
Non-woven extruded
EVA, and hot melt adhesive labels and double-sided adhesive (PSA) Materials
Sheet Extrusion
Extrusion coating
Pipe Extrusion
Mixing Extruder
Cable extrusion
Hose extrusion

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