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Screen changer types

Batte is one of teh screen changer manufacture in China. Here are some screen changer types introduced for you.

Screen changer types

Screen Changer Types:
1. Self-cleaning Back flush screen changer: Advanced technology, high production and high efficiency, screen washing online available, more than 200 times of usage of the filtering screen , no production interrupts, suitable for high-end equipment of high output and large filtering area.
2. Plate type screen changer: High-pressure, high wear-proof, no material leakage, no change of surface clearance, applicable to high pressure production like: blow film, pipe, plate and granulating, etc.
3. Double Pillar continuous screen changer: Dual channels for filtration, no need to stop the working machine when changing the screen, no production interrupt, appropriate for the production of cast film, plate and sheet, etc.
4. New Continuous screen changer: Ensure the screen changing without machine halt or production interrupt, especially applicable to foaming plate products such as XPS, EPS, EPE and cast film.
5. Automatic New Belt screen changer: Automatically and continuous screen replacement without manual operation, it has a force motivation mechanism to replace the screen. Material waste can be reduced 2/3, no fluctuation of material flow, screen changing function is reliable, used for the cast film, sheet, plate, optical fiber, various drawings, etc.

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