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Single plate double working station fast screen changer repairment methods

Do you konw screen changer repairment methods? We all know that the single plate double working station fast continuous screen changer is a way to complete mechanical changer fastly. Though it has us great help for the production . The machine damage is very large if we do't do well in the screen changer process. Now let's have a look at single plate double working station fast screen changer repairment methods.
Single plate double working station fast screen changer repairment methods
Single Plate Double Working Station Fast Screen Changer Repairment Methods:
1. During normal use, as with any other changer, we must bear in mind that frequently changes the screen to prevent die forced to run in case of congestion, resulting die overload mechanical failure.
2. The use in the process, since the hydraulic continuous filter plate always half naked outside the die cavity, the need to pay attention to proper insulation, preventing the filter plate is "cold death", resulting in the phenomenon does not work, but also serious It will result in mechanical failure.
3. Part of the hydraulic operation, maintenance, and repair procedures to implement the relevant reference.
4. If the quick changer body deformation, leakage, or other conditions requiring maintenance repair, referring to electric changer with its terms and disassembly process.
Our screen changer can quickly switch the filter in 0.4 seconds with a small change in the flow of materials. Temperature controlled at about 300 ℃, does not affect the use of performance can be achieved non-stop fast changer.  Our screen changer are widely used in plastic sheets, plates, films, tubes, extrusion granulation, and other production lines. Common Configuration: changer body (including cylinders, heating) + hydraulic + electronic control box (optional)

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