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Belt mesh continuous screen changer
Belt mesh continuous screen changer will gradually move new screen to the melt stream and simultaneously remove the old one. Screen changer movement speed can be automatically adjusted according to the amount of impurities. The melt pressure and temperature changes in a continuous screen changer process can eliminate intermittent operation generated when the changer.
Belt mesh continuous screen changer
A continuous screen changer is designed according to the rotation of the slide. Several network group arranged on the periphery of the ratchet wheel mechanical drive turntable. Turn the dial, used the same old group moved out from the melt stream, prior to contacting the melt stream, a new hand to put in the same group.
Some machines also use elongated network (typically 120 feet long). In the elongated web site to enter or leave the machine, a small amount of plastic cools. It hardens the polymer can prevent leakage. These machines with external hydraulic pull out the filter. Another continuous filter design is used in the nose without external pressure will pull the filter.

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