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Dual bolts screen changer
The hydraulic operated dual bolts screen changer can provide better melt sealing and can be continuous operated. 
Dual bolts screen changer

Dual Bolts Screen Changer Characteristics:
1. Batte dual bolts screen changer used in those processes that melt viscosity are relatively low and melt pressure fluctuation is desirably small. 
2. This kind of continuous screen changer has one or two bolts, each bolt can have one or two filter pack. 
3. The melt pressure fluctuation can be very small when using a two bolt two filter pack hydraulic screen changer.
4. The hydraulic operated sliding plate screen changers are inexpensive and easy to operate.
As a professional hydraulic screen changer manufacturersOur dual bolts screen changer is used in those processes that pressure fluctuation is not a big problem, such as sheet extrusion lines and recycling pelletizing lines.

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