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Continuous Filter
Continuous Filter can be used with different standard extruder, This continuous screen changer consists of a perforated plate bearing alloy, porous plate installed on the plate or column type of carrier. The carrier may be moving to work in a system location and off-line switching between non-work position. 
Continuous Filter
Continuous Filter Features:
1. Time to 2 seconds or less, to rapidly replace the filter area from diameter choose between 30 mm -diameter 250 mm. 
2. High wear resistance, high pressure, high precision continuous screen changer design, improve the quality of the effective area and filtering. 
3. 25-30 mpa pressure, under the condition of temperature 300 ℃, does not affect performance.
4. Automatic extrusion screen changer sealing device meet the arbitrary high polymer extrusion production.
 Continuous Filter adapt almost all of the polymer, such as: PC, PMMA, PET, PS, PU, PP, PE, EVA, ABS, PVC, etc  

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