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Self cleaning continuous screen changers

The self cleaning continuous screen changers redirects the melt flow, one piston with screens is working and the other screen pack is flushed backwards, Pressure and flow for backflushing can also be generated by hydraulic cylinders that accumulate material from the flow to use for backflushing.
Self cleaning continuous screen changers
Self Cleaning Continuous Screen Changers Changing process:
With the backflush screen changer control systemThe melt is spread over both pistons, each containing one screen pack. After a defined maximum pressure is met, one piston is moved out hydraulically and the screen pack can be changed. Meanwhile, the complete melt is directed over the second piston. After exchanging the screen pack, the piston of the automatic continuous self-cleaning screen changer is moved back and the production process continues. so any contaminants with only minimal melt are removed from the screens through the backflush unit. 
Main Application Fields Of Self Cleaning Continuous Screen Changers: 
All kinds of recycling (pelletizing and direct extrusion)

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