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Extruder Continuous Screen Changer

The extruder continuous screen changer driven by hydraulic power, and the slide plate carries 2 pieces breaker plates can move linearly in both directions to achieve screen changing in a short time.

Extruder Continuous Screen Changer

 Extruder Continuous Screen Changer Features:

1. Automatic control, no need manual interference after the first time of installation and adjustment.
2, No fluctuation of material flow, no product deformation, excellent quality stability.
3, Pressure fluctuation is very small. protect the down stream equipment :such as the Gmach melt gear pump and the extrusion die.
 Extruder Continuous Screen Changer Benifits:
1.low cost consumption
2.Easy operation and maintaince
3.Pressure stability before the screen and after screen, guarrantee the high quality of the products.
4.The continuous screen changer works simultaneously: when one net works, the other one replaced.
5.Exhaust system device can fully defuse the gas mixed in the materials and improve the product quality.
6.Double channels expand the filtration area to produce more high-quality production which meet the customers’ need.
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