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Continuous Screen Changer For Sheet Production

Continuous screen changer for sheet production can rapidly and all kinds of plastic, adhesive, coating material mixture of products form a complete set of production line, used for material blending filter is especially suitable for stretch film and plate, plate production, good effect, no waste to increase productivity and energy saving.

Continuous Screen Changer For Sheet Production
Performance characteristics of  Continuous Screen Changer For Sheet Production:
1.Special seal structure design, the design adopts the shuangliu, twin wire can be used at the same time
2.Screen change, no interruption of material flow, don't interrupt products, truly achieve the non-stop in the screen.
3.Improve the quality of the products to meet customer higher capacity, more high quality production requirements.
Benifits of  Continuous Screen Changer For Sheet Production:
2.Leak-free mold of operation
3.Large filtration area meet the high output extrusion machine
4.Customized design adapters
5.venting groove discharge the gas mixed in the polymer melt
6.Simply controll by a easy operated control handle
7.Reasonable price and proved technology

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