screen changer heating cooling device
    Heating and cooling are necessary conditions for the screen changer extruding process. (1) Nowadays, the screen changerextruder usually uses electric heating, which is divided into resistance heating and induction heating. The heating device is made
    batte continuous screen changer system
    The continuous screen changer extrusion system includes screw, cylinder, Hopper, head, and mould. The plastic is moulded into a uniform melt through the extrusion system. (1) Screw: is the main part of the continuous screen changer extruder , which i
    Continuous screen changer to improve blown film extrusion system production efficiency
    BATTE a well-known domestic screen changer manufacturing enterprises, to provide a new generation of screen changer equipment, including: continuous screen changer , automatic screen changer , backwash screen changer. Butters new continuous screen ch
    xps extrusion continuous screen changer
    xps extrusion continuous screen changer XPSextrusion continuous screen changer is a new type of screen changer device designed by Bart on the basis of actual production needs. As the first-class screen changer manufacturer and manufacturer in China,
    batte continuous screen changer sale
    Zhengzhou batte continuous screen changer iswater-cooled seal, no leakage, no wear and tear, automatically controlled by the control system heating and cooling, flexible network. Screen change process products are not deformed, good quality and stabi
    cast film extrusion die
    High barrier multi-layer co-extruded cast film die from the structure can be divided into two categories, namely symmetrical structure A / B / C / B / A and asymmetric structure C / B / A. A is a composite, B is a bonding material, and C is a high ba
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