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Extrusion hydraulic screen pack changer products

Extrusion hydraulic screen pack changer products slide plate type There are two screen packs in the screen changer, they work in the same time, and when the screen changing is required, the screen changed one after the other. this process guarrantee

hydrarlic screen pack changer machine in china

Screen Pack Changer from Plastic Rubber Machinery Parts Supplier or Manufacturer...screen changer, the strands will be interrupted when the screen change is required. Hydraulic continuous screen changers provide filtration of most polymers with minim

hydrarlic screen pack changer

The hydrarlic screen pack changer is fitted between the end flange of the extruder and the die. A cassette holding a reel of screen filter media is attached to the side of the AutoScreen block. The screen change is regulated by a pre-set timer or opt

continuous double-piston screen changer

The continual double-piston screen changer with backflush system fully automatically cleans both the screen packages that sit inside the piston each defined maximum pressure on the screens continues to be reached. The special backflush addon prevents

The backfl ush screen changers continuous

The backfl ush screen changers depend on the sturdy and proven double-piston design. With two hydraulic rotary-lift cylinders, the patented new development comes with a mostcompact design. The adjustable backfl ush volume and pressure permits notewor

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