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batte takes you in-depth understanding of the mesh belt screen changer

A good helper for the production line: mesh belt screen changer

In the development of the current factory, many factories need screen changers to filter the production materials. The screen changer has a great effect in the production process, so the manufacturer also changes the screen in the process of selecting the screen changer. The model of the filter is selected. There are many kinds of screen changers on the market. One of the more advanced screen changers is the mesh belt screen changer. The filter effect of the screen changer is more prominent. Many manufacturers choose the mesh belt screen changer. A kind of filtration of raw materials. So do you know some of the functions and features of the mesh belt screen changer? If you don’t understand, let Xinyi Automation, a manufacturer of automatic screen changers, take you to understand.

The full name of the mesh belt screen changer is: the mesh belt melt filter automatic screen changer is an automatic screen changer in the true sense, which uses melt pressure or time to control the action of the screen changer. The distance and speed of the filter movement can be set freely. When the pressure or time reaches the set value, the filter screen will automatically move evenly, and the impurities will be taken out of the screen changer with the filter screen. After setting, the screen changer is fully automated, without manual operation, the mesh belt moves smoothly, the distance is small, there is no fluctuation in the material pressure and flow, and the constant pressure production is truly realized.

mesh belt screen changer
Mesh belt screen changer
Performance and characteristics:

1. There is no fluctuation in pressure during the screen changer process, which has no effect on product quality

2. Self-sealing, never leaking

3. Fully automatic network, without manual operation

4. Small footprint, novel structure, convenient and simple installation

5. There is no wear when changing the screen, and the service life is long

6. Removable movable filter block (perforated plate), convenient for maintenance and cleaning

continuous belt screen changer
Continuous belt screen changer scope of application

1. Production of high-quality, long-process products such as coated films, cast films, sheets, plates, optical fibers, and various chemical fibers.

2. Production of various high-quality products with strict pressure requirements

3. Pellet production of PP, PE, ABS, PMMA and other raw materials.

All of the above is to tell us what a mesh belt screen changer is. Seeing here, do you have an understanding of the functions and characteristics of the mesh belt screen changer? If you want to know more about the knowledge of the screen changer, please leave a message to consult:

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