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Special non-stop screen changer for granulation (hot cut and cold cut)

Special non-stop screen changer for granulation (hot cutting and cold cutting) According to the characteristics of the raw materials used and the process requirements, the die face hot cutting, underwater hot cutting (water cutting) and strip cold cutting are selected.

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(1) The granulation of large and extra large petrochemical raw materials or modified materials is generally used for underwater eager cutting. Due to the large filtering area, large melting pressure, high temperature and high output, ordinary sealing methods cannot meet the requirements and are easy to leak. The screen changer with elastic sealing system and automatic compensation is adopted. The sealing pressure increases (in proportion to the increase of the melting pressure of the head) and never leaks. The screen change is convenient and fast, and the service life is super long.

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(2) The small-scale cold-cutting pelletizing process generally uses a multi-net reciprocating filter screen changer, because it has a voltage stabilizing and automatic exhaust mechanism. Smooth and bubble-free. The integrated design and manufacture of the die and the screen changer are reasonable, economical and affordable!

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(3) Die surface hot-cutting process, if used for PVC raw materials, adopts double-station rapid screen change technology, integrated design and manufacture of die head and screen changer, more reasonable flow channel structure and distribution, no melt retention, flow rate and particle size It is more uniform and shortens the length of the flow channel. The resistance is small and the output is higher.

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