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Looking for slide plate continuous screen changer for plastic extrusion machine

We are producing and exporting slide plate continuous screen changer for plastic extrusion machine.It is a type of slide plate type screen changers. It consists of main body, sliding plate, heaters unit and hydraulic unit with accumulator.
slide plate continuous screen changer
This series of screen changer consists of four independent breaker plates, each with openings of same diameter and screen pattern.
The rotation of these specially treated alloy metal plates gives superior sealing ability and durability. This type of screen changer has slight flow fluctuation during screen changing. 
This type slide plate screen changer is used for most thermoplastics extrusion process such as sheet, plate, pipe, film, blow film, wire, cable, profile, granulation and so on.

More information:
It is our  automatic screen changer for extruder.The continuous screen changers can guarantee a continuous and stable extrusion production.

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