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Continuous Rotary Screen Changer

Batte continuous rotary screen change provides continuous filtration of the polymer stream.Our continuous screen changers have automatic screen changer or semi-automatic screen changer, production, energy conservation, energy.

Continuous Rotary Screen Changer

Continuous Rotary Screen Changer Characteristics:
1.Large filtration reduces screen changing frequence,improved production efficiency.
2.Superior sealing system completely eliminates polymer leakage.
3.Automatic & continuous screen changer 
4.No interrupting product, no waste, save energy 
5.High output and high quality
6.The temperature is controlled by temperature controller. 

Continuous Rotary Screen Changer Types:

Working oil pressure: 10 ~ 20MPa
Fuel tank capacity: 50L
Filter element design pressure: 30MPa (special 60MPa)
Pump motor power: 2.2 ~ 7.5kw
Temperature range: 0-400 ℃
Material Pressure Control Range: 0-40MPa
Continuous rotary screen change can be fully ruled out gas, to ensure product quality, increase product stability.low thermal deformation, wear resistance, long life.

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