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Top Sale Hydraulic Screen Changer For Blown Film Machine

The Hydraulic Screen Changer for blown film machine allows for filtration of most polymers with minimum disruption during a screen change.hydraulic screen changer enhance the quality of the melt by trapping contaminants and solids particularly of the blown film machine.

Top Sale Hydraulic Screen Changer For Blown Film Machine
Hydraulic Screen Changer For Blown Film Machine Working principle:

The plate has two filter screen cavities ,one of them work with the plastic machine at the same time, when a screen change is required, the cavity with dirty screen will be moved out by hydraulic in a minimum time, and at the same time, the other cavity with new screen will be moved into the working position . the screen replacement is very short and no need shut down the working machine.
Features of  Hydraulic Screen Changer For Blown Film Machine:
1, screen diameter from 70 to 350mm, 
2, a type of continuous screen changer,Which change time is as fast as 2 seconds
3, the raw material of the body of the screen changer/melt filter is high quality of steel ,38CrMoAlA
4, The body of our filter applied nitriding processing, the Nitrided hardness and corrosion resistance is higher the the ordinary type
5, pressure resistant up tp 50Mpa, under the high pressure still work a good job, now is widely used for the blown film machine, do not have impact the product.

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