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Application of Fully Automatic Backwash Screen Changer

In the process of plastic extrusion production, some decomposition products will be produced by plasticizing the plastic melt for a long time, and the raw material itself contains some impurities. The existence of these impurities not only affects the quality of products, but also affects the continuity and stability of production.

Plastic screen changer is usually set between screw head and extruder head to filter out impurities and foreign substances in plastic melt and obtain pure melt.

In order to reduce the times of shutdown and screen changing, ensure the continuity of extrusion, and ensure the effective filtration of impurities in raw materials to obtain high quality raw materials. Especially in the occasions of wire drawing machine, drawing granulator and so on, in order to ensure the continuity of machine operation, it is more necessary to install continuous non-stop screen-changing filters.

Fully automatic backwash screen changer has the characteristics of continuous production and convenient network change. It is an ideal matching device for extrusion granulator. It is suitable for the occasion with high quality requirement of raw materials.

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