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What are the problems solved by the fully automatic screen changer in the industry

Specializing in the manufacturing of melt screen-changer filter equipment, Bart screen-changer manufacturer is committed to solving the impact of impurities on plastic extrusion products; Bart new generation of screen-changer equipment in the extruder fully automatic screen-changer, it can achieve network-changer without external force, continuous production process without waste products, waste generation.

The structure of automatic mesh screen changer of extruder is composed of mesh changer filter body, heating/cooling area and electronic control system. The electronic control system precisely controls the time and speed of mesh changer of equipment. When the automatic mesh screen changer of extruder performs mesh scree changer operation, there is no fluctuation of material flow, no distortion of product and good quality stability of finished product. At present, it has been successfully applied to the filtration of PP, PE, PS and other plastic melts. According to the situation reflected by users, the extruder automatic mesh changer is a real automatic mesh changer. The maximum output of the automatic network changer can reach 1200KG per hour, which can meet the production needs of most enterprises.

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