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Continuous Backflush Screen Changer
This continuous backflush screen changer is a type of double column double woking piston screen changers,which are suitable for high capacity polymer filtration.
Continuous Backflush Screen Changer

Double Column Double Woking Piston Screen Changers Benefits:
Design allows for a continuous screen changer without interrupting material flow
Eliminates line shutdown thus increasing production
Turn-key systems available
Rugged single piece body eliminates deflection
Bi-fold guard design allows easy access to breaker plates and ensures safe operation
Continuous Backflush Screen Changer Features:
Adjustable leak-free seal design
With good sealing properties,rigid sealing,long service life.
Universal design connections
Steam or oil heating options
Explosion proof design options
With safety cover design
The same size cylinder screen can be processed in circle,curved,oval,cylindrical shape ect.
Packaging Details:
Items are packed in wooden cases.
Delivery Detail:
5-6 Weeks

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