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All Screen Changer Products

Screen changer products include Continuous Screen Changers, Discontinuous Screen Changers, Gear Pumps, loss in weight feeders, control systems, etc.

All Screen Changer Products
Screen Changer Products:
Discontinuous Screen Changer
Continuous Backflush Screen Changer
Hydraulic Screen Changer
Manual Screen Changer
Screen Changer Products Normal operation:
2 screen cavities in the process
Screen Changer Products Benefits:
1.reduced downtime & scrap can increased production due to operation, as well as reduced maintenance
3.Automated control with accurate, repeatable screen changes 
As an advanced screen changer products manufacturer of global extrusion technology , Batte supply of extrusion die, screen changer, melt pump, feeder industry is suitable for almost all processes and materials,Which can be used for polymerization, compounding, film, pipe, sheet and pelletizing processes. And our price is below than JC Times Group.

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