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Continuous Hydraulic Screen Changer For Extruder
The continuous hydraulic screen changer for extruder is a type of automatic screen changers, which allows for filtration of most all polymers without interrupting production during a screen change. So it is also be called automatic hydraulic continuous screen changer.
Continuous Hydraulic Screen Changer For Extruder
Continuous Hydraulic Screen Changer For Extruder Working Principle:
The continuous hydraulic screen changer consists of two screen bolts with each containing a filter cavity. When a screen change is required, one of the bolts is moved out of the housing while the other remains in the operating position. The dirty screen pack is removed and replaced with a new one. The bolt is then moved back into the housing to its venting stages before resuming operation. These steps are then repeated for the other bolt. This concept allows for continuous filtration with no interruption or loss of production.
Continuous Hydraulic Screen Changer For Extruder Benefits:
1.Extended filter area provides longer screen life and allows for finer screen filtration.
2.Optimized productivity during screen changes due to rapid on-line filter changes.
3.Rheologically optimized breaker plate design maximizes polymer flow and minimizes pressure drop.
4.Continuous screen changer can be designed to withstand extremely high pressure applications.

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