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Belt continuous screen changer is a new generation of screen replacement device, technology comes from abroad. Mainly by the screen changer body, heating and cooling system, belt filter without strainer and filter box and other major components. From the warehouse box leads to a clean belt connector without filter from the side of the screen into the body, through the filter chamber, when the slag quality when the filter sticky, driven by melt pressure with the network to move in the Filter chamber, the new net moved in, dirty net out and from the other side of the screen changer gradually pushed.
continuous screen changer.

Belt continuous screen changer principle: screen changer on the body, set up two sections of temperature control area, respectively, by the temperature control system to accurately control the temperature of the two areas. As the two zones set different temperatures, the formation of two different levels of melt pressure. In the working state, the plastic melt passes through the belt filter of the screen changer filter chamber to complete the task of filtering the melt. When the need to change the network, change the inlet and outlet section of the temperature so that the formation of different levels of melting pressure, due to the role of melt pressure, the belt filter will be out of the net direction, you can achieve continuous net change. As long as the out of the zone temperature and holding time, it is easy to control the belt filter moving cycle and distance.

 Melt pressure screen changer also used a self-sealing technology, in the belt filter into and out of the section, after appropriate water cooling, melt and screen changer body contact with the surface solidified into a smooth film, high temperature melt It is blocked and sealed, but also make the belt filter is very portable. Belt connector without a special filter length of 10 meters, the filter can be used thousands of hours of new materials, and recycling can be used after cleaning.

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