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China New Continuous Screen Changers

    Continuous screen-changers filters continuous self-cleaning automatic screen changer - melt filter is positioned screen changer. Continuous screen-changers filters  during the filtration of the melted material ensure a continuous flow of the polymer, to avoid interruptions and downtimes and to get a quality product.Pushed by the extruder, the mass of polluted plastic material enters inside the melt filter - screen changer, crosses the perforated sheet and proceeds passing through the supporting perforated plate, then exits from the melt filter. The newly developed double-piston screen changer from Recent Recycling Machinery enables screen changing during production, guaranteeing longer filter lifetimes and uninterrupted melt flow.
Continuous Screen Changers
Screen Changers's advantages:
Universal fit
Lower pressure build-up through optimised melt guidance
Easier operation
this type of exchanger for granulation, pipe, sheet, plate, PVB explosion-proof membrane production line, especially has obvious effect in the PET and PP drawing, spinning, EPE, EPS, XPS foam production.

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