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The principle characteristic of the automatic washing screen

  Its working principle: the plastic melt through the reverse wash the body flow into the automatic continuous screen changer body, the impurity is filtered by the metal filter. Filtration of the gradual accumulation of impurities in the net, melt pressure will rise. When network of melt pressure reaches the set value when backwashing piston moves down the hydraulic cylinder driven by switching to a certain state, a small part of the melt flow, accumulation of impurities in the filter, when the melt flow backwards the time to reach the preset time, backwashing piston in the hydraulic cylinder under the action of began to move, until a suitable state, a small part of the melt flow, with accumulation of impurities in the filter, the flow reaches a preset time anti flushing plunger to restore in situ. So as to realize the automatic cleaning of the filter process, to achieve the purpose of cleaning the filter. Filters can be used in the loop, which greatly extend the time of the change of the net, and can be used for a long time.

  The automatic washing and changing network device has the following characteristics:

  (1) especially suitable for recycling of waste plastics;

  (2) the function of automatic cleaning filter can reduce the frequency of changing network and avoid frequent switching;

  (3) the efficiency of the back washing is high, avoiding the production of a standstill, increasing the energy saving, saving the production cost;

  (4) when changing the net material without change, pressure flow rate stability, no instantaneous flow, no melt leakage.

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