Automatic Belt Mesh Continuous Screen Changer
    Automatic mesh belt type continuous screen changer is a type of automatic belt mesh screen changer ,Which through the use of melt pressure or time control for screen changer operation. Automatic completion of movement of belt screen changer processes without manual operation.
    Manual Screen Changers
    Manual screen changers as the name suggests is the direct manual switch screen changers. Which provide a cost effective filtration solution for the polymer extrusion industry. Manual control screen changers are simplified and downtime is reduced because the design permits the extruder screw to be pulled through the manual screen changer.
    Single Plate Continuous Screen Changer
    Single plate continuous screen changer,slide plate double working station continuous screen changer,plate type screen changer.
    Slide plate screen changer
    slide plate screen changer also be called single slide plate double working station screen changer ,which is designed with leak proof sealing system, compatible with various extrusion production for most polymers at high pressure, temperature and production throughput to change screen for extruder.
    Hydraulic Screen Changer for Extruder
    Hydraulic screen changer extruder with automatic compensation on sealing gap can be realized during continuous screen changing process. Hydraulic continuous screen changer for extruder compatible with only extruders for various polymers processing for most polymer at high output.
    Continuous double piston backflush screen changers
    The continuous double-piston backflush screen changers are fully automatic continuous self-cleaning screen changer as soon as a defined pressure and flow. This continuous screen changers with backflush system allow the process pressure to be reversed through the screens to dislodge contaminants.
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