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an important application of continuous hydraulic screen chan

  Continuous flow hydraulic change is very innovative, whose structure is simplified to the lowest degree, the quality of polymer is also guaranteed. The new sealing system can meet the use requirements of the production line at high work pressure.

  Pressure in the flat plate, plastic pipe extrusion production line of steel wire and die, underwater granulator and hot melt coating after successfully testing, the continuous screen changer  technology has begun to in blown film extrusion production line. Its superior performance and perfect continuous flow can be used to produce a single layer of thin film with a thickness of only 10 microns.

  The detailed design of the ventilation channel and the filter channel ensures the excellent performance and continuous flow of the continuous screen changer. Simple and effective, and can be used to exchange components of the sealing system, and even allows the complex maintenance at the customer site, the maximum reduction of downtime and cost.

  Applies to the production of the following products:

  Film or film

  Flat extruded plate

  Plastic pipe and profiled material

  Plastic coated cable

  Recycling material

  Polymer granulation

  Masterbatch and compound granulation

  Blow molding and injection molding

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