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High barrier multi-layer co-extruded cast film die from the structure can be divided into two categories, namely symmetrical structure A / B / C / B / A and asymmetric structure C / B / A. A is a composite, B is a bonding material, and C is a high barrier material. For example, common symmetrical structures are PE / Tie / PA / Tie / PE, PP / Tie / PA / Tie / PP, PE / Tie / EVOH / Tie / PE and PE / Tie / PVDC / Tie / Symmetrical structure PA / Tie / PE, PA / Tie / PP, PA / EVOH / Tie / PE and so on.

co-extruded cast film die Features:

CPP, CPE multi-layer coextrusion cast film extrusion unit is designed and manufactured by our company using modern advanced technology. It is mainly used for producing single-layer and three-layer / multi-layer coextrusion CPP, CPE, EVA and PA, EVOH High barrier film, widely used in food, packaging, construction, agriculture and other industries.

* Screw separation of high-grade refining screw, plastics, and efficient non-crystalline point.

* The use of casting new technology, set machine, electricity, gas, liquid design in one, a high degree of automation.

* High-precision X-ray thickness gauge, corona unit design, turret duplex automatic tension take-up mechanism, hydraulic loading and unloading film and so on.

* Man-machine interface, PLC control.

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