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BREYER flat sheet dies are developed with state-of-the-art software, built in 3D design, and manufactured on CNC machines. They get their high-quality finish through the selection of materials and coating depending on the application, combined with a professional polish. Decades of experience and control of the complete extrusion process enable this perfection.

The program includes single layer and multi-layer dies, with widths of up to 2800 mm. The dies are used for manufacturing flat films (typical thickness range of 0.05 - 1.5 mm) and also for sheet production (thickness of 1 - 25 mm).

Film Casting and Sheet Extrusion for extrusion die flat sheet die

In flat film or sheet production the first objective is to spread a continuous polymer melt stream coming from an extruder into a die, which terminates in a rectangular and wide cross–section, having a small gap. After the die the molten extrudate is cooled on chilled rollers and solidifies, as shown in Figure 4.1. The figure also shows corona treatment to render the surface more receptive to inks, adhesives or other coatings, beta gauge for measuring the thickness and trim reclaim. Products of less than 0.25 mm in thickness are referred to as films and those over 0.25 mm are referred to as sheets.

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