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plunger type screen changer for PP extrusion

The continuous screen exchanger can continuously filter the extrusion of various thermoplastics , PE , pet , HDPE , LDPE , LLDPE , PP , ABS , PS , PE , PC , nylon 6 and 6.6 , PMMA , PA , PVC , etc . There is no need to shut down or generate relevant wastes when changing the screen , with high reliability , lower average head and higher daily output . During the operation of the production line , impurities and materials are separated without shutdown . This makes the screen changer a perfect choice of continuous melt filtration .

continuous screen changer for pp extrusion

For the process that needs to increase the filter area or wants to minimize the pressure change in / of the screen change , it is recommended to using a four hole bate double column continuous screen changer . The four bag model reduces the average pressure drop , resulting in greater throughput . During the instantaneous screen change , the three screens remain flowing . PLC step-by-step control minimizes the pressure change when the screen re enters , and keeps any flow change in this process small or no change .

Double Pillar Hydraulic Screen Changer with Displacement Sensor - Plastic pelletizing screen changer

Double column four station hydraulic screen changer is also called double column four station hydraulic screen changer . It is used for chemical fiber , blown film , flat film , cast film , pipe , plate , wire , fiber manufacturing , granulation , recycling and granulation . With the functions of filling , exhaust and blowdown , it can ensure the continuity of products of the screen changing process , and is suitable for high productivity , high efficiency and continuous operation . According to the needs of users , we can design and process various sizes .

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