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Design Principle and Operating Conditions of Double-column Large Filter Cartridge Screen Changer

Double-column large filter cartridge hydraulic screen changer, suitable for melt temperature below 450 ℃, designed to operate with a melt pressure of up to 40MPa, and can operate normally under 40MPa melt pressure, suitable for production output of 1.5~4.0 T/h. Under the single-column filtration condition, it can meet the production capacity of at least 2T/h (the melt pressure is slightly higher than that under the double-column working condition, about 0.5~2.0MPa). The main body and plunger of the double-column large filter cartridge hydraulic screen changer are made of high-quality alloy steel, which has been heat-treated and nitrided. After nitriding, the flow channel is mirror-polished. Polishing requires the use of 800-mesh abrasives to polish to mirror-level or above. Offers high finish and wear resistance; excellent sealing and durability are achieved with rigid material face-to-face seals by tightly controlling the gap between the body and plunger.

double column large filter cartridge screen changer

The flow channel structure of the double-column large filter cartridge screen changer adopts a dual-channel filter cartridge design, which can achieve a large filtration area and have higher pressure resistance; in normal production, dual-channel simultaneous filtration and replacement of the filter screen. When a column is pushed out of the main body, it is replaced. After the filter screen is exhausted, it immediately returns to the working position, and then another plunger is replaced alternately, which solves the production interruption or hollow particles caused by the introduction of air during the screen changing process; the main body of the screen changer is equipped with a physical positioning ruler. Operate the control handle of the hydraulic station, and perform basic operations alternately on the upper and lower plungers of the double-plunger large filter cartridge hydraulic screen changer: push out the plunger -- clean the silo -- replace the filter -- pull the plunger to the leading and exhaust position -- complete the discharge After the air is exhausted, the main body of the screen changer is completely pulled into the working position, and the electric control cabinet instrument transmits the temperature and pressure signals of the screen changer to the central control center to ensure the stable production.

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