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what is a no filter screen changer and what is its application?

The meshless screen changer is also called the meshless screen changer. Compared with the conventional screen changer, the meshless screen changer can realize the filtration of impurities in the melt without the need of filter screen in the working process. The mesh free screen changer directly punches holes (10-70 mesh) on the filter screen plate through laser to filter the impurities in the melt. The generated impurities are scraped by the scraper driven by the oil cylinder to the bottom cavity connecting the main body of the flow channel, and then the slag removal system is started to discharge the waste and impurities to complete the filtering and slag removal actions. At the same time, there is no material leakage, continuous strip and continuous production.

no filter screen changer

The screen less screen changer is mainly used in the production of recycling granulation. Because of recycling granulation, there are too many impurities in raw materials, and the filter screen will be changed too frequently. Generally, the screen needs to be changed in 10-30 minutes. Therefore, the conventional screen changer cannot meet the needs of recycling granulation in terms of price and use. The net free net changer does not need to change the net manually and operates automatically. It has been widely used in granulation production and has been recognized and praised by customers. Zhengzhou Batte domestic professional continuous screen changer manufacturer provides screen changer equipment, including: extruder quick screen changer, melt blown double column hydraulic extrusion screen changer, film blowing machine hydraulic screen changer, etc.

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