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The choice of hydraulic screen changer for blown film?

Blown film production is generally divided into single machine and multi-layer co-extrusion production methods. The screen changer for film blowing machine provided by Zhengzhou Batte is divided into: manual screen changer for film blowing machine and automatic screen changer for film blowing machine. According to the actual production requirements of the user, the corresponding  hydraulic screen changer is configured.

plastic extruder hydraulic double screen changer

The production of multi-layer co-extrusion blown film refers to the production method of co-extrusion of multiple extruders with more than 2 layers. It is also divided into two methods: top blowing and bottom blowing. The bottom blowing method is common on packaging films, and agricultural films are basically The upper blowing is the main method; the hydraulic screen changer is generally installed between the extruder barrel flange and the die connecting flange, and the bolts pass through the flange and are fixed on the screw holes of the screen changer, and the host moves back. The multi-layer co-extruded blown film has high process requirements, requires long-term uninterrupted production, no material leakage, and high pressure resistance requirements for the screen changer. Batte provides double-column double-station hydraulic screen changer, which can be well satisfied. The above production process requirements are also recognized by many users.

manual screen changer

Single-plate double-station screen changer is used for single-machine blown film, and manual screen changer is used on some small and low-output extruders, but when changing the screen, the phenomenon of film breakage may occur, especially for film production, it may be necessary to renew Pulling the film, so the stand-alone production generally adopts the method of shutting down and changing the screen.

The double pillar and double-station screen changer provided by Batte has high pressure (up to 50MPA), no material leakage, and can change the screen without stopping. Pressure resistance, wear resistance, long-term use without leakage and other advantages.

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