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Analysis of the screen changing principle and advantages of the new backwash screen changer

The new generation of backflush screen changer provided by Batte is a double-column four-station backflush screen changer, which is suitable for highly polluting melts. Specifically, in order to avoid frequent screen changes when producing highly polluted melts, the double-column four-station backwash screen changer provides a large filtering area and can automatically pass reverse melt to clean the screen. It is important that the screen is cleaned only by the melt itself.

In the heating screen body of the backwash screen changer, there are two pistons, each piston has two sets of screen chambers, distribution plates and screen snap rings; in order to discharge the dirty melt, each chamber has a There is an outlet for heating control, which can adjust the viscosity and flow of the melt. At the entrance and exit, the melt is divided into two strands, which flow into chambers 1 and 2 in the upper piston, and chambers 3 and 4 in the lower piston, respectively. After passing through the filter screen, the two strands of melt are recombined into one flow to the outlet of the screen changer.

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When the dirty material before the filter screen of the double-column four-station continuous screen changer increases, the melt pressure in front of the filter screen also rises at the same time; when the set pressure point is reached, the pressure sensor returns a signal to the control system; controlled by The system starts the backwash procedure, the filter piston (screen 1) is moved to the backwash position by hydraulic pressure, and the melt will all flow to the other three screens, so the production will not be stopped. After being filtered by the filter screen 2, a small part of the melt is backflushed to the screen screen 1, so that the dirty melt will be discharged from the screen screen 1, that is, discharged from the outlet of the backwash to the outside of the screen changer. The backwashing time of the double-column four-station backwashing screen changer can be adjusted according to the needs to meet the filtration needs of different materials.

Because the backwash is carried out automatically, the life of the filter screen can be greatly extended, thereby reducing the cost of replacing the filter screen; the new backflush screen changer of Batte also has the effect of stabilizing the pressure and flow of the melt. Learn about screen changer prices or visit the factory

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