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PLA/PBAT Degradable Plastic Double Column Hydraulic Screen Changer

PLA double-column hydraulic screen changer is used for chemical fiber, blown film, flat film, cast film production, pipe, sheet, wire, fiber manufacturing, pelletizing line, recycling, etc. It can meet the production of high temperature, high pressure and high extrusion of any polymer material. It can be used in conjunction with extruders of different standards. It does not stop to change the screen, the product is not interrupted, and the material is not leaked.

The double-column body and plunger of the screen changer for PBAT degradable materials are made of high-quality alloy steel, which has undergone heat treatment and nitriding treatment. After nitriding treatment of the flow channel, it is mirror-polished, indicating that the roughness Ra is less than or equal to 0.4μm, and the polishing requires the use of 800 mesh. The above abrasives are polished to mirror grade or above, with high finish and wear resistance.

double screen changer

The screen changer for PLA degradable materials needs to strictly control the gap between the main body and the plunger, and can achieve excellent sealing and durability through rigid material surface-to-surface sealing; It can achieve a large filtering area and have higher pressure resistance; in normal production, dual-channel filtering at the same time. When replacing the filter screen, a plunger is pushed out of the main body, and then the filter screen is replaced. Alternate replacement is carried out to solve the production interruption or hollow particles caused by the introduction of air during the screen change.

The PLA hydraulic screen changer is equipped with an operating handle to complete the screen change. The operator operates the control handle of the hydraulic station to perform basic operations on the upper and lower plungers of the screen changer alternately: push out the plunger - clean the silo - replace the filter screen - pull the plunger To the position of feeding and exhausting -- after the exhaust is completed, the main body of the screen changer is completely pulled into the working position; the electric control cabinet instrument transmits the temperature and pressure signals of the screen changer to the central control center to ensure the stable production.

continuous backflush screen changer

Fully automatic continuous screen changer configuration for degradable plastics

1. Screen changer main body + hydraulic pump station + heating device (standard configuration).

2. Screen changer main body + hydraulic pump station + heating device + electrical control cabinet (custom configuration).

Zhengzhou Bartte specializes in the research and development, promotion and application and technical services of melt screen changers. The company has a professional technical team engaged in the production and application of non-stop screen changers for many years. Focusing on the functional practicability and quality stability of melt screen changer products, combined with the characteristics of the melt in the production process, the advanced melt screen changer filter technology is transformed into practical and reliable industrial products. For plastics, rubber, chemical fibers, adhesives, sols, coatings and other types of melt filtration, we provide a complete solution for non-stop screen changing, so that customers can obtain high-quality, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly melt filtration products in a timely manner, and achieve good results. Production process effect.

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