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Explanation of the working principle and configuration plan of the double-column hydraulic screen changer

The double-column hydraulic screen changer is more suitable for use in pelletizing, PE, PP, PPR, PERT pipes, plates, sheets, cast films, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber spinning, etc. The material flow is not interrupted and continuous when the screen is changed. Highly demanding production.

Working principle of double-column hydraulic screen changer

It adopts a double-column and double-channel design, internal heating, rapid heating, uniform temperature, and two filters work at the same time during normal production. When replacing the filter screen, one filter screen will work, and the other filter screen will be replaced. The introduction and exhaust device is designed. Through automatic or manual control of the introduction and exhaust, the screen can be changed without stopping, without material leakage, without interruption of material flow, and material pressure. The fluctuation is small, the impact on production is small, and the continuity is good. It is suitable for the production of various working conditions with continuity requirements.

Features of double-column hydraulic screen changer

1. Good sealing structure design, no material leakage or seepage under high temperature and high pressure, effectively reduce the screen change resistance and reduce the working pressure of the hydraulic system.
2. Large filter area, suitable for extrusion production of different materials with different manufacturability.
3. Alternate working mode to ensure the stability of the material flow and the repeatability of the process during the screen changing process.
4. The high-precision machining quality and the matched exhaust introduction channel reflect the excellent effect of filtration + exhaust.
5. After the product is adjusted to nitriding treatment, the service life is greatly extended.
6. The overall design of the product is reasonable, the operation is convenient, and the effect is excellent.

Configuration scheme of double-column hydraulic screen changer

1. Screen changer main body + energy storage hydraulic pump station + heating device (standard configuration).
2. The main body of the screen changer + energy storage hydraulic pump station + heating device + electrical control cabinet (customized configuration).

Technical parameters of double-column hydraulic screen changer

hydraulic screen changer technical parameters
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