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Common failures and solutions of double plunger screen changer (pillar type screen changer)

The double plunger screen changer is also called the plunger screen changer. It is designed as a dual-channel dual-filter screen structure. When changing the screen, one screen works and one screen is replaced. It does not interrupt the material flow and the product, and realizes the non-stop screen change. . For the common failures and solutions of the double plunger screen changer, the details are as follows:

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When the double plunger screen changer leaks, there may be three reasons: 1. The cylindrical flange is loose and causes the leakage, which needs to be removed from the locking; 2. The setting of the screen change pressure is too high to cause the leakage, which needs to be removed. Change the screen pressure to lower; 3. Serious scratches on the surface of the cylinder cause material leakage, and the cylinder needs to be replaced.

When the double-plunger screen changer appears to be unable to push or pull the cylinder, there may be four reasons: 1. The cylinder flange is too tight, and the cylinder flange can be loosened; 2. There is an impurity jam between the cylinder and the main body. If it is dead, you need to stop the machine to clean the surface of the column and repair it; 3. If the oil cylinder leaks, replace the oil seal; 4. If the hydraulic pressure is reduced, look for oil leakage.

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When the oil cylinder rod leaks in the double plunger screen changer, there may be two reasons: 1. It is caused by the aging of the oil seal, and the oil seal needs to be replaced; 2. The cylinder rod is not concentric with the cylinder and needs to be adjusted. Online consultation for Zhengzhou screen changer manufacturers:

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